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We educate Alabamians about the importance of equal and legal rights and protections for every resident and every family, regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity and expression.


Today, for example, it is legal to fire someone because of their sexual orientation – and it happens. An inclusive Alabama that protects and celebrates EVERY resident will help us be the best state we can be – and protect every resident who is proud to call Alabama home.


Educating about the importance of full and equal rights for every Alabamian means holding a meaningful and open conversation in communities all across our state about what this means and how we will achieve it. You can help us educate our community by doing the following:

  1. Attend and participate in our annual Equity & Justice Conference. The conference connects advocates for the LGBTQ community and develops leadership and advocacy skills in today’s activists.

  2. Become a local EQAL Advocate. By becoming an Advocate, you can become a leader for LGBTQ equality in your local area. We will soon be launching our Local Advocates program. Join our email list to receive the latest alerts.

  3. Join an Equality Alabama Committee to help us advance our mission and work. To find our about current opportunities email info@equalityalabama.org

Ending Discrimination

In Alabama, we embrace hard work, the belief in opportunity for all, and treating others like we want to be treated. Discrimination toward anyone, including gay and transgender people—is out of line with values Alabamians hold dear.

Though we believe that everyone should be treated equally, our laws do not always reflect that belief.

  • Most Alabamians believe that gay and transgender people should be protected in the workplace. But in Alabama, it is completely legal to do just that—terminate an employee, even though that person is performing satisfactorily, because of their sexual orientation or gender identity or expression.

  • The lack of safety for LGBT Alabamians in classrooms, public accommodations, health care facilities, and other spaces fosters an un-welcoming culture of bias and prejudice.

  • Hardworking Alabamians who do their job and are working to provide for themselves and their families have no protection from being fired because they identify as LGBTQ. And this practice puts our state at a disadvantage when attracting and keeping a talented workforce that believes in diversity and equality.


Alabama will be at its strongest when discrimination is prohibited in employment, housing, and public accommodations and all Alabamians are treated fairly and equally.

Building Strong Families

In Alabama, we believe in the strength and dignity of all families. Every family deserves respect and support, and those who receive it are better positioned to thrive.

  • The freedom to marry the person you love is a basic freedom that should not be denied to anyone. The nation and the people of Alabama have evolved on the issue of marriage since voters approved the constitutional amendment in 2005. Attitudes have changed. Restricting the freedom to marry runs counter to basic Alabama values like self-determination and the freedom of people to live their lives without government interference.

  • All Alabama families, including those with lesbian, gay, bisexual, or transgender family members, need the same protections, access to accurate identity documents, the ability to insure and protect their loved ones, and access to care for each other when they are sick.

  • For families raising children—one of the most fulfilling and also difficult jobs in the world—government should not make their lives more difficult. We support removing roadblocks that make parenting harder and life more difficult for LGBT families. We oppose broad restrictions against entire categories of potential custodial or permanent parents that hamper efforts to act in the best interest of each child.

  • Every child deserves to have their legal parents’ names on their birth certificate. It is standard practice for courts to issue “supplementary birth certificates” that reflect the names of adoptive parents. This is done because birth certificates are the primary document for establishing the parental relationship and are often required to enroll children in school, add them to the parents’ insurance policy or admit them for medical treatment. Current Alabama law does not allow two men or two women, who are both the legal parents of a child, to obtain a supplementary birth certificate for their child reflecting both parents’ names. This creates a serious obstacle for parents in caring for their children.

Equality Alabama is committed to building strong Alabama families, including those with LGBT family members.